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Avant Homes has chosen the Masterdor Craftsman range of solid, engineered timber doors for more than 1,000 newly built homes.

Over the past year Masterdor, a subsidiary of the Synseal Group, has manufactured 1,100 Craftsman doors that have been installed into new homes from Milton Keynes to Midlothian.

The team at Avant Homes chose a handful of doors from the 27 styles available and handpicked a few of the 21 colours to offer its customers choice while ensuring the homes remain in keeping with planning regulations.

The eight door styles pre-selected by Avant Homes include the Foxley door with horizontal tongue and groove pattern and long single glazed panel, and a contemporary cottage style Rockingham door with vertical tongue and groove etching and a modern porthole window.

Martin Sanwell, group procurement director at Avant Homes, said: “We introduced the Masterdor Craftsman range of front doors as part of the all-inclusive specification to our mainstream range during our product development programme in 2016.

“As a business we are constantly striving to further enhance our product design and specification to the benefit of homebuyers and we have been very impressed with Synseal’s product and service.”

One service Masterdor offers Avant Homes is the development of a temporary door system, which has enabled a site temporary door to be fitted in each home until the very last stage, with the final Craftsman delivered and installed on-site just before the homeowner moves in.

This ensures that the door is in pristine condition when the house is handed over and has been possible thanks to Masterdor’s large storage facilities, which hold Avant Homes’ pre-ordered stock ready for delivery as needed.

Bruce Manning, new build business development manager at Synseal Group, said: “As a fully bespoke door manufacturer with a wide range of styles, colours, hardware finishes and integrated glazing solutions provided by our Global Glass brand, we are fully set up to support large housebuilders like Avant Homes in meeting their largescale project requirements.”

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