New glazing industry body

The new industry body for installers – Certass Trade Association – has been launched to give installation companies and tradespeople the chance to make their views heard and get support to help grow their businesses.

Jon Vanstone, chair of Certass Trade Association, said: “Our industry is faced with many issues: a lack of reliable support, an ageing workforce and poor perception from consumers. Speaking with installers and tradespeople, we understand the extra pressures they have to contend with. As well as staying competitive and professional in a changing market, there’s also a severe lack of available skilled labour.

“The Certass Trade Association is focused on creating practical solutions for these issues and to help develop the entire industry. The membership body is open to all companies in the glazing supply chain who share our vision.

“Certass Trade Association is all about its members. We won’t waste time on internal politics or irrelevant issues. Instead, we will collaborate with component suppliers, systems companies, fabricators, training providers and certification schemes to support installers and drive our industry forward.

“By providing the support mechanism for installers to redefine the perception of glazing companies, we can build a reputation from the ground up. This will also attract new people seeking a skilled occupation that delivers innovation and best practice service to the UK housing market.”

Certass Trade Association will work with installers to get their views and feedback on what they need from an industry body. The team behind the new association have experience in successful membership bodies for other sectors in the construction industry.