New edge bander

Vista Panels secured a new Auriga 1308 XL edge banding machine just 24 hours after the previous machine was damaged.

“Recent heavy rainfall overwhelmed our premises and caused flood damage to some of our vital manufacturing machinery,” managing director Keith Sadler said.

“Our roof drainage system could not take it, and the overflow went directly down onto one of our edge banding machines.

“We worked hard to remove the water from the factory during a weekend clean-up operation, but unfortunately the engineers gave us a grim assessment of the damage to the machine.

“We were facing a six-week wait for spare parts, which would have severely affected the flow of door sets from our factory. With an excess of 1,000 door sets leaving our premises every week, there was simply no room for disruption in our production line, and so we decided to explore a different option.

“Calderbrook, one of our trusted suppliers, suggested purchasing a brand-new machine from Weinig Group, and within just 24 hours, we had a new Auriga 1308 XL being forklifted off a lorry and into our factory.

“It was our strong financial position that enabled us to make this quick decision and investment, enabling our current order book and the structured growth in our market to be maintained with minimal disruption.”

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