Move to modular market

EYG has said it is on course to more than double its sales target in its first year since moving back into supplying the modular buildings market.

Led by Stephie Stansfield, who was recruited into the modular sales role last year, the Hull-based firm has secured major contracts on projects in the education, leisure, health and modular housing sectors, as well as for the Ministry of Defence.

“We’ve got to where we have so quickly because we’ve focused on relationships and being honest in every aspect of our work,” Stephie said.

“The industry is fast-moving and demands a quick turnaround on products, which can be a challenge at times when you are busy and growing.”

Stephie said the the industry is becoming more bespoke.

“Modular windows are no longer all the same and some very impressive and modern developments and iconic buildings are actually modular as it reduces costs and speeds up developments,” she said.

“That call for more flexibility and more bespoke products plays into our hands given we design and manufacture all of our own products, so we will be looking to develop that area of work over the coming 12 months and beat our targets once again.”