Money well spent?

Rehau went for the ‘In Hand’ concept at this year’s FIT Show, and focused on the four key areas of sustainability, support, product and colour.

Gareth Jones, window solutions marketing and technical director at Rehau, said: “This year, as I walked the stands, everyone was very upbeat and there was a positive feeling that the show was a success with record visitors and busy stands. But now is a time to reflect on the success of the show for our business.

“One of the great additions this year was Big Tuesday, which I think we did really well with the introduction of our gin bar, four cocktails following our core themes, our virtual reality game and the ice sculpting.

“Overall for us the feedback has been very positive and people really understood our themes. But the cost is no longer insignificant as we move to the NEC and all the incidentals that come with this, plus the time invested within the business, which is where the real expense comes in. To me the message is let’s not rest on our laurels and while this was a successful show we must judge each year as it comes.”

Steve Tonkiss, windows solutions commercial sales manager, said there was a buzz to the show, but there were lower numbers of architects and specifiers than hoped for.

“My opinion is that the show is too insular in its approach to enticing new delegates and visitors to the show,” he said.