Milestone fire test

The test at Warringtonfire on one of Wrightstyle’s steel and glass advanced curtain wall systems has breakthrough significance for a number of fire safety applications, the company has reported.

Wrightstyle, which supplies its external and internal systems worldwide, tested its WSL SR60 curtain wall framing system with Schott Pyranova 120 glass to 148 minutes integrity and insulation.

However, the test was carried out with the exterior building surface facing into the furnace. This made the test significantly more demanding on the system components.

It makes the Wrightstyle system an ideal solution in places where a high level of integrity and insulation is required, the company said, for example, in atriums, fire escapes and between buildings, or as a fire break between different areas of a building.

This also provides a tested advantage to provide fire protection between higher risk areas such as car parks and workshops and lower risk areas such as offices and a building’s reception.

Chris Peters, chief design manager, said: “We are seeing more demand from the export market for this higher specification curtain walling, as specifiers design in compartments with a fire risk from either side of the glass.”