Meeting demand

Doorco continued to receive shipments from Doorco Korea throughout the lockdown, resulting in bumper levels of composite door slabs ready for distribution or manufacturing today, the company has announced.

“As a privately owned company with a dedicated overseas partner, Doorco is in control of stock levels and it has always been our key priority to make sure we are well stocked to meet our customer demands,” Dan Sullivan, Doorco’s MD, said. “It was also fortunate that Doorco Korea was largely unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

“This meant that manufacturing of our door slabs continued, and in turn deliveries kept on schedule, even though we had shut down our manufacturing facilities in the UK. The senior management team remained on hand (while adhering to strict health and safety of course) to receive delivery which has resulted in bolstered levels of stock.”

Doorco has been back in business since May 4 and is settled in to the new normal of social distancing and strict health and safety measures.

“We are closely monitoring staff levels against orders to ensure we can meet demand, and as demand grows our full team are on standby to return to work,” Dan said.