Making life easier

Sidey was one of the first window and door manufacturers in the UK to achieve ISO EMS 14001 and also one of the first to gain the latest EMS 14001-2015 accreditation, the highest environmental standard available in the UK.

Construction sites are legally required to handle and dispose of waste safely and responsibly, and most companies already have formal policies on waste management and recycling in place.

This can lead to difficulties for management when finding contractors who can meet these criteria, Sidey said.

Sidey’s technical teams assist with projects and help site managers meet all environmental requirements and regulations, according to Robert Fitzpatrick, group accreditations manager.

“We’ve made our commitment to the environment a priority for many years now,” he said. “And we take that responsibility very seriously.”

The construction industry generates an estimated 50,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year, while 60% of all skipped material by weight is packaging waste. In total, the construction industry produces three times more packaging waste than all UK households combined.

“We keep the amount of packaging we use to an absolute minimum,” Robert said. “Where possible, we deliver our products on stillages. We also recycle any cardboard we use, and we’ve even banned the use of bottled water on our premises to limit single use plastics.

“Sidey has 99.4% recycling from our factory and zero waste to landfill. Also, when we bring back old windows from installations, we separate all the materials, and recycle everything we can – which is an impressive 99.3%.

“We’re quite aware how difficult it can be for site managers to meet the strict environmental criteria required for a construction project. The long list of accreditations and certifications we have provides them with clear and transparent evidence of our policies, and how we go above and beyond the necessary requirements.”