Library membership

Xtralite has added a range of its products to the national BIM (Building Information Modelling) library. 

“BIM is a very useful tool and one that we are proud to be associated with,” said Jim Lowther, sales director Xtralite. “We appreciate the importance of the tool during the specification process and how it supports the digital construction process delivering greater efficiencies and flexibilities in building design.”

Many products, including Xtralite’s X2 range, are featured with National NBS BIM library, which also includes all technical specifications such as UV ratings, dimensions and suitability statistics. 

“Detailed architectural specification can be achieved at all stages of projects now, and BIM permits those specifications to be amended with ease to ensure client, construction, historic property considerations and industry regulations are adhered to,” said Jim. “The range of products we offer through this facilitate a number of solutions to roof lights requirements and full technical details are provided to aid specification.”