Laura Jane Clark new hup! brand ambassador

Laura Jane Clark
Laura Jane Clark

Ultraframe has announced that leading architect and interior designer, Laura Jane Clark from BBC’s Your Home Made Perfect, is the new brand ambassador for its hup! building system.

Laura, who has also appeared on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces and Ugly House to Lovely House, is renowned for helping homeowners to reconfigure and extend their homes to create highly functional living spaces.

Laura said: “For homeowners, hup! is completely game changing. People often ask how they can add an extension or rebuild their unusable conservatory in the most efficient way possible – hup! is definitely the answer. I’ve been totally blown away by the engineering behind the whole thing. Not only is it just a brilliant system, the great thing about it, is it’s so quick.

“Basework is usually the biggest minefield and the biggest headache for homeowners, so having something where you can use the existing base, and don’t need to start digging down and just build, getting watertight in two or three days, it’s an absolute game changer,” she continued.

“The quality and level of detail is extremely impressive – from the engineering of the panels which make it extremely quick to build and energy efficient, through to how easy it is to add the finishing touches, which offer homeowners complete design flexibility. There is nothing that hasn’t been considered, and it takes away so many of the headaches associated with a traditional extension.

“hup! will make getting sustainable, energy efficient, hassle free and beautiful home extensions so much more accessible for homeowners – plus they can be built so much faster than traditional building techniques. What’s not to love?”

Since its launch in 2022, the hup! system has been used to build extensions and conservatory transformations across the UK with homeowners and installers benefitting from its speed, energy efficiency and flexibility. Said to be five times faster to build than bricks and mortar and five times more energy efficient than the average UK home, Ultraframe also claims that hup! is 60% more carbon efficient than a traditional brick wall.

Ultraframe marketing director, Alex Hewitt, said: “Laura will be the face of our new consumer-facing PR campaign to drive awareness and leads for hup! and we are also keen to develop a range of hup! designs with Laura’s input, bringing her incredible experience to the hup! range.”

Ultraframe will be investing in lead generation activity on the new hup! website to generate homeowner leads for hup! installers to coincide with the Laura Jane Clark PR campaign across 2024.

Installers can register their interest in receiving hup! leads in their area by emailing