Latest investment hits the road

Panel Systems has invested in its own fleet of commercial vehicles.

The investment in two new trucks and a drawbar, which totals £200,000, allows Panel Systems to manage its own deliveries in-house from its transport division, located at Waleswood near Sheffield.

The company has also created two new roles within the business, with a new transport manager and a truck driver appointed to run its delivery operations.

Chris Ibbotson, managing director at Panel Systems, said: “Investing in our own fleet made sense both financially and logistically, as these new trucks offer us greater flexibility and will help to reduce lead times. Operating our own vehicles means we have more control over scheduling the deliveries. Furthermore, it will reduce the handling of our products, which will minimise the potential for damage and will improve customer satisfaction.”

The trucks are DAF CF Euro 6 models, part of DAF’s range of lower emission vehicles that comply with Euro 6 standards to reduce levels of harmful exhaust emissions.

Panel Systems is also in the process of obtaining Fors (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme) accreditation, a voluntary scheme that aims to raise the level of quality and standards maintained within fleet operations. It is awarded to operators that achieve high standards of legal compliance, safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

“This is the first time that we have operated our own fleet in 26 years, so it is exciting to see the new trucks out on the road,” Chris said. “These new vehicles will help support the future growth of the business, as we’re experiencing strong demand for our panels from the construction, commercial vehicle and OEM markets.”