Kolorseal reports growing trend for dual colour frames

Colour coating specialist, Kolorseal, has reported a growing trend for dual colour frames on windows and doors.

The different colour options for internal and external parts of the frame are said to be bringing new options to the market for those looking at bespoke renovation or new build design.

Kolorseal adds that it is always able to ensure that the rebates match the internal colour for every single project – according to Kolorseal, this is something that foiled window options cannot often provide.

Deborah Hendry, managing director, Kolorseal, commented: “Frequently, people forget that foiled frames do not cover the rebates on window or door frames, so from a design and finish point of view they can look rather odd. For those with Kolosealed options, they know the difference that makes.”

Deborah adds that homeowners are looking to for dual colours on doors, as well as windows and says that colours such as navy blue are increasingly being used on projects at the higher end of the market, as well as contrasting timber effect foils with an ivory internal colour on traditional properties.

Deborah concluded: “Whilst there are those that consider white is the only true window colour, particularly when it comes to internal design, they are missing out on a big part of the window and door market and evidently don’t understand the needs of today’s homeowners.

“It simply is not true that colour isn’t considered important in modern house design and renovation.”