Investment is key for Avocet

Dr Sachin Saigal
Dr Sachin Saigal

The Avocet Hardware Group has invested in two new JMA Supracode key cutting machines to support the growth of its ABS Master Suite and Design ranges.

The machines, which were installed in July, have the ability to cut and engrave and have helped the ABS workshop streamline operations and speed up processes.

“We have big plans for our ABS Master Suite programme,” commented managing director, Dr Sachin Saigal. “These two new machines have had an immediate impact along with the other areas of investment and I’m delighted to see how our ABS workshop has embraced this latest enhancement.”

ABS workshop manager, Iza Adamek, said. “With two new Supracode machines, we have been able to dedicate a machine each to our two most demanded key profiles, ABS Ultimate and ABS Master.

“This has reduced cutting time by roughly 60% which is fantastic news for our customers. We can also promise exacting precision which is crucial to those customers who are taking advantage of our Master suite facility which requires en-masse key cutting.

“The machines are really quiet as well, which is great for our busy workshop and with the additional integrated vacuum, it keeps our workspaces nice and tidy and keeps any swarf away from our cylinders and keys.”