Innovation award

SageGlass, a product of the global Saint-Gobain group, is celebrating after scooping the Gaia Award for the most innovative green construction product at The Big 5 2016’s Middle East ceremony.

The Big 5 Gaia Awards honour companies in the construction sector whose products and services demonstrate a reduction of construction’s impact on the built environment. SageGlass won the innovation award for its smart tintable glass solution and was one of just ten products selected out of multiple entries.

SageGlass, distributed in the Middle East by Vetrotech Saint-Gobain International, is an intelligent solar control glazing solution. It offers an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient alternative to blinds or shades, and provides reliable year-round indoor comfort, while ensuring long-term sustainability for the building.

Alain Garnier, sales and business manager SageGlass Middle East, said: “Sustainability is one of the key advantages that SageGlass brings to the construction industry. From reduced energy consumption through to the increased comfort and well-being of building inhabitants, SageGlass is a product innovation for the habitat, and offers great new design opportunities for architects.”