Hot new collaboration

Glass Services, a Kent-based manufacturer of IGUs with a strong capability in glass processing, has been licensed to process and distribute fire-resistant glass products provided by Pilkington UK.

Located in Ashford, Glass Services will offer a cut-size and IGU service for products including Pilkington Pyrostop and Pilkington Pyrodur.  

In the event of a fire, fire-resistant glazing restricts the spread of flames, smoke and hot gases, as well as blocking the transmission of radiant heat (EI classification).

Glass Services joins a group of firms located across the UK and Ireland authorised to process Pilkington fire-resistant glass. All companies have been audited to ensure they fully meet the high standards required to gain the CE mark.

Ben Williams, managing director at Glass Services, said: “We already stock and process a variety of Pilkington products, which are known for their quality and help us to meet increased client demand for high-performance glazing. However, Pilkington Pyrostop and Pilkington Pyrodur were the missing piece to our portfolio.

“These products have now breathed new life into what we do and we’ve already seen an uplift in sales, as well as positive feedback from our clients.”

Norman Cooke, sales representative at Pilkington, said: “Fire-resistant glass plays a crucial and therefore critical role in protecting many buildings, and to maintain this focus on our brand, we only partner with a handful of firms across the UK to process and supply Pilkington Pyrostop and Pilkington Pyrodur.”