Getting hands on

The Window Company (Contracts) has put together a CPD for clients to help them get the most from every window and door installer they work with.

The first client to benefit from the CPD was Moat, which is partnered with The Window Company (Contracts) on the window and door replacement framework for its properties across Essex, London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Moat sent a team to The Window Company (Contracts)’ Chelmsford premises recently to try out the CPD for themselves.

The Moat attendees took part in a workshop to learn about the latest regulations and best practice guidelines governing window and door installation. They were then given a window and door set up created by The Window Company (Contracts) with 10 typical installation errors deliberately included and were challenged to identify them all.

Mark Crane, The Window Company (Contracts)’ commercial director, said: “We have no concerns about our own performance for Moat, where we have completed more than 1,000 properties, and resident feedback is so exceptional that average KPI scores on the project are currently running at 9.8/10.

“However, we always believe in going above and beyond what our clients expect so the CPD has been introduced to add an extra dimension to our service.”