Fourteen EPDs launched

DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) has launched its own generic EPD.

The Tamworth-based trade association has been stressing the increasing importance of EPD in meeting the growing requirements of the ‘green agenda’ and sustainable building process.

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a registered and independently verified document that communicates standardised, comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products.

Providing manufacturers with a means of demonstrating their product’s sustainability credentials, EPDs show the results of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), detailing ‘cradle to grave’ environmental impact of all processes involved with the manufacture of a product.

In June this year, DHF commenced the launch of 14 generic EPD enabling members of its Building Hardware Group to satisfy changing market conditions. The EPD launch has, so far, seen nearly half of DHF’s Building Hardware Group member-companies signing up for the programme and more than 100 EPD requested by members.

The 14 different EPD product titles that DHF are offering are: locks; door and window handles, hinges (single axis), lock cylinders, sliding door gear, window fittings, door closers, panic exit devices, shutter hardware, letter boxes, padlocks, glass door gear, electromechanical hardware, and push button locks.

Chief executive Bob Perry said: “EPD has been discussed continuously over the past two years in Building Hardware Group meetings, with special presentations from leading organisations arranged at a number of these and individual briefings for members, in addition to an EPD FAQ sheet, produced for them.

“We are very aware that EPD is a complicated subject and there is something of a knowledge gap regarding its role. It is important that EPD is seen as part of a total sustainable process, involving green certification of buildings. Being ahead of the game in providing EPD affords our members the upper hand against competitors in a highly competitive market.”