FIT Show debut

After its acquisition by Next Wave Partners late last year, Roofmaker is looking to step up its activity, including by making a first appearance at May’s FIT Show.

Roof Maker CEO Paul Mildenstein said: “It’s a hugely exciting time for us. We’ve been blessed with substantial investment, and we’re now looking to extensively grow in the months and years ahead. At the FIT Show, we want to make the connections and meet the potential customers that will help us do that, while showcasing our range of best-in-class roof window products to people who might not have seen them before.”

Chief design officer and company founder Scott Nicholas said: “We all know that consumers are more discerning and demanding than ever. Today, they want it all – stunning aesthetics, exceptional performance and maximal user-friendliness. At Roof Maker, we help installers grow their businesses by making the sort of products these aspirational high-end homeowners want to buy.

“Take our latest innovation, the LuxLite roof light for pitched roofs, as an example – it looks superb with its sleek, frameless composite aluminium design. It delivers exceptional thermal efficiency, with a thermally broken design that can cut heating bills and carbon footprints – and its triple-glazed safe-cleaning safety glass makes it blissfully easy to maintain. It’s typical of a best-in-class ethos that extends to every product we provide.”