First registered systems house

Liniar is the first systems house to achieve formal registration on Corgi Fenestration’s scheme.

Chris Mayne, CEO of Corgi Fenestration, said: “Liniar passed the Corgi Fenestration audit with flying colours and will be the first to display the Corgi Fenestration mark that tells its fabricators, installers and consumers that the business is committed to best practice when it comes to quality products, qualified staff, and the best in customer service.

“There will be huge benefits for Liniar’s fabricator network with its Approved Fabricator Scheme also becoming Corgi Fenestration registered. This means that if a fabricator has already achieved Liniar Approved status, it can become Corgi Fenestration registered in its own right through a reduced audit process.”

Installers who already have existing GQA-awarded qualifications will be recognised by Corgi Fenestration and will be eligible to join the scheme as well.”

Liniar’s chief executive Roger Hartshorn said: “There are many ‘approved’ schemes already in place within the industry that are little more than marketing exercises, so we fully support the independent scheme launched by Corgi Fenestration. We feel it will help to raise standards across the board, from system house to installer, which will have only benefit the consumer in the long run.”

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