Everglade invests in Emmegi Quadra L2

Everglade Windows has invested in an Emmegi Quadra L2 in order to drive greater production efficiencies.

The 18-axis CNC machining centre, which has the capability to mill, drill and cut aluminium profiles up to 7.5m in length, will be installed at Everglade’s 65,000ft2 manufacturing facility in Perivale, West London.

Yogesh Gopal, director at Everglade Windows, commented: “This new piece of machinery is a massive step forward for us, in terms of our production capabilities and overall efficiency. The Emmegi Quadra L2 offers a far more automated system, helping create a quicker and more seamless fabrication process for our products.

“This will take the physical toll off our team and help them spend more time on ensuring that each and every product that leaves our factory is of the highest quality.”

Jay Patel, Everglade Window’s director, added: “This investment is just another example of our commitment to excellence. We are continuously striving to better our offering to customers, and with our eight new product launches earlier this year, we needed to ensure that we had the best capabilities available to deliver them.

“We have spent the last 43 years re-investing in the business to ensure our customers receive only the best products and service, and this latest investment is just another example of that.”