Enhanced product development

Winkhaus UK has developed a bespoke development process that is designed to enhance new product R&D for customers.

One of Winkhaus’ added value services, the product, technical and laboratory teams help customers to develop solutions through consultation, CAD Design, 3D prototyping, product assessment, product development days and UKAS laboratory accreditation.

George Smith, senior product and technical manager at Winkhaus UK: “We advise early involvement with our customers when they embark on the development of a new doorset or window solution, which provides the widest opportunity for us to support, especially with new profile concepts.

“Understanding the challenges customers are seeking to overcome is to key to our involvement. This often leads the design of bespoke solutions, especially with keeps, which we can then prototype through our 3D printers and use as part of our ongoing consultation and in development days.”

Technical development days represent an innovative approach to product development, providing partners with an opportunity to commission new products, enhance existing ones, or appraise to new standards. During these development days, Winkhaus’ technical and laboratories’ seasoned experts guide customers through the intricacies of testing, offering insights into potential vulnerabilities or failure points before official testing commences.

Ade Collins, laboratory manager at Winkhaus UK, said: “Traditional testing outcomes often end with a pass or fail result, which can significantly impede development progress. Technical development days mitigate these setbacks by enabling iterative design adjustments without the time and cost constraints associated with formal testing.

“When it comes to innovation, and creating bespoke products, a quick turnaround will provide a real benefit to our customers and the roll-out of their products. Our team works together with customers to get them to market as quickly as possible, providing them with a significant competitive advantage.”

As a UKAS accredited test facility and member of the British Measurement and Testing Association, Winkhaus Laboratories plays a pivotal role in supporting innovation and accreditation for its partners.

For over 25 years, Winkhaus Laboratories has provided a comprehensive suite of services, including full product assessment and accreditation, part assessment, and partner development evaluation. Its facilities cater to a myriad of testing needs, spanning security, durability, and weather resistance.

Among the tests offered are:

  • PAS24: Enhanced Security Performance
  • BS6375 (part 1, 2, and 3): Performance of Doors and Windows
  • BS EN1634-3: Smoke Control Test
  • TS007: Enhanced Security Performance

Winkhaus’ marketing team is another part of the added value service that customers can utilise, providing additional support for customers with their marketing and supporting launch to market.