Emergency supply

Wellingborough-based Veka Compounds came out of lockdown temporarily after a customer expressed a need for a large volume of premium grade, white recycled polymer that it needed to supply a special order of PVCU cable trunking for the construction of six emergency Nightingale Hospitals throughout the UK.

A division of Veka Recycling, Veka Compounds was contacted by Marshall-Tufflex when the specialist trunking and cable management manufacturer was asked by the NHS to provide a large quantity of its trunking to be used in the construction of the hospitals, which have been commissioned as part of the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak. The order included a special antimicrobial version.

Simon Scholes, managing director of Veka Compounds, said: “We closed our Wellingborough site in line with many others when it became clear that we could not continue to function effectively and safely during the coronavirus lockdown. However, aware that Marshall-Tufflex was being considered as a supplier for the Nightingale Hospitals, we gave a commitment that we would reopen specially if they required the additional product.

“We are delighted to be have been able to respond swiftly and positively, with 24 tonnes of our highest-grade product shipped within an hour of the transport arriving at our plant.”

Marshall-Tufflex uses a silver ion solution in the manufacture its antimicrobial trunking systems, which ensures that 99.9% of harmful bacteria will not survive on the surface. With the solution used throughout the trunking, even if it becomes damaged, the active ingredients will continue to help prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections, making it ideal for use in environments such as the Nightingale Hospitals.

Using high-quality recycled PVCU material reclaimed from end of life PVCU windows, also reduces the environmental impact of the product.