Driving forward

Doorco has started the phased reinstatement of its transport department with 70% of the company’s fleet due back on the road by June 19.

This is part of Doorco’s return to work strategy, which aims to focus on staff welfare while monitoring customer demand, the company said.

Dan Sullivan, Doorco’s MD, said: “Since starting a phased return to operations on May 4, we’ve been carefully considering our position daily, centring on the welfare of our staff with being able to meet customer demand. Business is far from ‘back to normal’, but there have been some really positive signs over the last week or so, and we feel that it is the right time to reinstate our transport department and recommence UK deliveries.

“Doorco originally invested in our own fleet to ensure our doors were delivered with the personal touch, so it is imperative that this level of service is available to our customers as soon as is safe and viable to do so.”

The company has seen a rise in orders over the last couple of weeks, with numbers of prepped doors exceeding pre-Covid levels. Dan explained that bringing down lead times and fulfilling normal delivery promises is reliant on the company’s in-house transport team. However, he praised external partners for the ongoing support they provided.

Drivers are now equipped with personal safety equipment and procedures, which include hand sanitisers in every cab, stringent and regular cleans, and new ways of delivering. For example, drivers will not exit the van when they make a drop off but call the delivery in and wait for the van to be unloaded.

No paperwork will change hands, as it will all be dealt with electronically.