DoorCo invests in electric forklifts

DoorCo has upgraded to electric forklift trucks, which have been supplied by industrial truck manufacturer, Jungheinrich.

Mark Towers, head of operations at DoorCo, commented: “The decision to upgrade to electric forklifts in our manufacturing facility brings numerous benefits. Not only does the switch reduce our carbon footprint but also highlights our dedication to the wellbeing of our workforce through advanced safety features.

“They offer the same excellent quality and performance as traditional forklifts with a reach capacity of up to 7.5m and can lift up to 5,000kg over long distances.

“Switching to electric isn’t just about being green; it’s about smart savings too,” he added. “By making this change, we are reducing our environmental impact, lowering our carbon footprint by a staggering 94%, and saving around £99,855.16 in energy costs and 851,863kg of carbon in emissions.

“Our FLT drivers will undergo training to ensure they can operate these new vehicles with the same competency as they did before. This training taps into the exciting new technologies like telematics software. This plays a crucial role in boosting safety by providing real-time updates to drivers, proactively preventing accidents.

“We saw an opportunity to boost our operations with electric forklifts, and we’re excited about the positive changes this will bring. At DoorCo, our focus remains on delivering excellence while contributing to a better, safer, and more sustainable tomorrow.”