Dear Father Christmas

Everyone at The Window Company (Contracts) has been very good this year. We’ve looked after each other and our neighbours, even in the toughest of times. We’ve paid all our bills on time, nurtured clients and been polite and understanding to our suppliers.

For Christmas, could we please have:

  • Stable supply so that we can plan our work schedules a bit more easily next year
  • A ready supply of skilled fitters to help us keep up with the demand
  • A hassle-free Brexit for us and our suppliers

If it’s not too much to ask, could you also see your way to providing lots of resin so that the systems companies can get back to something like normal and a very big float tank so that there’s enough glass to go around to keep the prices stable.

Oh, and could you help the hardware companies to get hold of more stock?

We’re not just asking for us, but for all the hard-working installers across the UK. We’ve battled through 2020 together and we’re thrilled at the news about the vaccine, but a bit of your Christmas magic would definitely help!

Love from David, chair, The Window Company (Contracts).

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