Cutting through the confusion

Aluk is countering the somewhat confusing messages being put out by the English, Welsh and Scottish governments about the relaxing of the lockdown, and signposting its customers to the straightforward advice which is already available online and which could help them get back to work more quickly.

Marketing director Sioned Roberts said that, while some politicians are still tying themselves in knots during interviews trying to explain how the new rules around social distancing will actually work, government civil servants and relevant industry bodies have already issued clear advice setting out how they will affect those working in factories, on sites and in people’s homes.

“We’re really encouraged by the amount of common-sense guidance now being published, and the message from the government – however badly communicated – that most of us can go back to work as long as we can keep our teams, our suppliers, and our customers safe,” she said.

“The government had already published advice for manufacturers and those working on construction sites and has now added to that with a comprehensive 27-page document for installers on how to work safely in other people’s homes.

“This even includes notices to display online and in sales literature to confirm that their company is ‘Covid-19 Secure’ and is acting in accordance with the government guidelines.

“Added to that, we’ve seeing similar bespoke guides being produced by the GGF and Certass which their members can use to keep themselves safe and give to homeowners to give them peace of mind about allowing an installer into their homes.

“We recognise that not all companies are in a position to return to work yet and it’s good to see that the Chancellor has extended the furlough scheme to support them, but for those that can start to plan a restart now, it’s important that they have access to the clearest and most comprehensive advice to give them confidence that can comply with the rules.

“We’ve been doing as much as we can at Aluk to support our customers directly with a flexible approach from our operations teams on ordering and deliveries, and a brand-new marketing hub to provide tools for generating new business.

“Obviously, there are plenty of hurdles to overcome for all of us but a collective effort of support for each other is what we need.”