Customers choose online training

BM Aluminium has reported a significant shift towards online training for new customers on its LogiKal software,just weeks after it announced an 8% increase in customer numbers in 2019.

Technical implementation manager Perry Mace analysed the figures and reported that more than half of its new customers are now choosing online rather than site based training.

“This is a much higher figure than in 2018 and obviously reflects the fact that our online training is such good value and so user friendly,” he said.“We conduct the training over the phone using the Teamviewer software and we talk customers through every aspect of the LogiKal modules they will be using, demonstrating each stage as we go. Customers are used to having their software installed remotely and the feedback we have is really positive, with most commenting on how easy and efficient this is.”

BM Aluminium says that online training is particularly beneficial for new customers with one LogiKal license and also for existing customers as a way of training new starters.

“This is obviously the most cost-effective route for training in small numbers and we’re now doing at least two online training sessions for customers a week to keep up with demand,” Perry said.

BM Aluminium continues to offer customers a range of options when it comes to LogiKal training though, with a choice of sessions online, on site, or at its training facility at its Tewkesbury head office.