CPS switching

Window installation companies are moving away from auto‐renewing policies, and are looking for a better service on competent person schemes (CPS), according to Certass.

“Competent person schemes are an essential part of any installer’s remit,” MD at Certass, Jason Clemmit said. “Self‐certifying installations is just part and parcel of the job for them, so that’s why at Certass, we make it as simple and straightforward as possible to transfer to a scheme with friendly, helpful support and technical teams.”

With schemes covering more than 2.5 million installed products, Certass provide schemes for all aspects of your work from windows to roofline.

The switch to Certass begins with a simple online form and when the paperwork has been received, installers can register jobs within 48 hours. Completed jobs are certified as soon as the on‐site audit is signed off.

Installers registered with Certass can take advantage of extra benefits, including low‐cost public liability and business insurance, and the Trust Mark Scheme. Certass is also waiving joining fees for installers switching to Certass who register before 15 January 2018.