Corgi Fenestration launched

Corgi Fenestration Scheme was launched into the fenestration sector at the end of February 2017.

Corgi Fenestration is complementary to other Corgi licences that are active in the building services sector, such as heating and plumbing.

In 2016 Corgi Services released the results of an independently conducted consumer survey, which showed that Corgi was a brand that consumers understood and respected, 74% of whom put it first on their list.

Chris Mayne, who was recently the managing director of Fensa and BFRC, will be chief executive officer. Jacqueline Crawford, an engineer with wide-reaching experience working with certification schemes, will be chief operating officer.

“Corgi Fenestration is suited to all levels of the supply chain – systems houses, fabricators, and installers,” Chris said. “Our aim is to support them to win more home improvement business for our industry based on a customer perception that as an industry we will deliver improvements reliably, safely, with the latest knowledge at our fingertips coupled to experience and expertise.”

Jacqueline added: “We have formed Corgi Fenestration as a fully licensed business with exclusive use of the Corgi brand in the fenestration industry.”

Caitriona Deakin CEO of Corgi Services said: “We have had many approaches over the years, and turned down many potential opportunities, but when we met with Chris Mayne and Jacqueline Crawford it became clear that through their knowledge of the fenestration industry and their approach to business that we had a meeting of minds about how service should be delivered.”

Corgi has also formed a collaborative working relationship with GQA Qualifications.

“I was in discussions with Chris Mayne who is well known within the industry from his time at Fensa to see how together we might push the GQA ‘Quality through Qualification’ campaign forward,” Mick Clayton, CEO of GQA said.

Chris told Mick that he and Jacqueline were in discussions with a well-known consumer brand.

“As I became aware that this brand was Corgi it became obvious to me that GQA must support the venture as we would with any initiative which promotes people development and recognition,” Mick said. “I am delighted to put GQA’s energies and efforts behind it.”

All parties are aware that Corgi is better known as the gas safety body, but they are adamant that this will only serve to promote trustworthiness.

“It is where Corgi came from and it is this heritage which helped it to develop what remains even today one of the most recognised and truly trusted brands in the eyes of consumer when it comes to safety, reliability, expertise and quality,” Mick said.

Chris Mayne stepped down from his position at the GGF Group in August 2016 after disagreeing with the new direction the organisation was taking.

“Following the recent strategy and governance review carried out by an independent consultant, the GGF and its subsidiaries are restructuring in a manner that I am unable to support, and I have therefore very reluctantly decided to leave and seek new significant challenges,” he said at the time.