CDW Systems opens early for customers

Specialist aluminium fabricator CDW Systems has extended its office hours for customers, with the office now opening at 7.30am instead of 8am so staff are available for the times when customers need them the most.

Jeremy Phillips, CDW Systems’ Group Chairman, said: “7.30am is a good time for our customers as they are loading up their vans and going off to install and sometimes they want to discuss something with us. So, instead of having to wait until 8am, they can now get the ball rolling on any queries earlier and talk to us a little bit sooner.”

CDW Systems recently introduced Aluk’s Luminia F82 slimline bi-fold door and the Part L compliant 58BW/BD (HI) Window and Door System and will be launching Technal’s Soleal Next aluminium windows and Tental curtain wall to its product range.

“We have always supported our customers so they can meet the evolving demands of the end user and all our new products are designed to meet and exceed the highest industry standards – it’s why we have not really seen a downturn,” said Jeremy.

“One of our strengths is that we have that mix between domestic and commercial and that, coupled with our experience, technical knowledge and product range makes us the perfect partner for installers.

“We are always listening to our customers, whether that is on what products they want or how we can help provide a better service to them, and that is vital for them in the current market.”

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