The case for wood windows

West Port flew the flag for timber fenestration at ‘The Case for Wood Windows’, a half-day conference organised by Woodknowledge Wales.

Established to put timber at the heart of Wales’s green growth agenda, Woodknowledge champions the development of wood-based industries, and used the event as a launchpad for its new ‘Campaign for Wood Windows’.

Speakers from throughout UK timber, including West Port’s managing director Sean Parnaby, tackled the many misconceptions that have risen up around wood windows.

“Once upon a time, timber products were far from perfect,” Sean said. “They were made of softwoods, susceptible to rotting and warping when exposed to the elements, and genuinely did require regular maintenance to keep in good condition.

“But that was decades ago. Joinery has come on leaps and bounds in the time since – and modern wood windows offer an amazing opportunity for installers to appeal to aspirational end users, improve their margins and grow their businesses.

“All a modern engineered timber window needs is a light sanding and re-coating once every ten years to keep it in top condition. What’s more, it’ll last you at least 60 years, which is considerably better value than the 30-year lifespan of a PVCU window.

“I was delighted to be able to be asked to speak at the event – it was a fantastic opportunity to dispel some of the most comment myths that surround timber. And now, I’m incredibly excited about the launch of the ‘Campaign for Wood Windows’.”