Capacity doubled

Romag is doubling its capacity following a £1m investment program including a second toughening plant.

The investment comes just nine months after its acquisition by fellow glass manufacturers Clayton Glass.

The new machinery will increase Romag’s production output and will provide the business with resilience against any potential machine breakdowns.

CEO Ryan Green said: “Good customer service is the foundation for any successful business. This investment is essential to increase our capacity to meet current demand, and to provide vital resource against machine breakdowns that could affect production lines.

“The investment will assist Romag in reaching the next level in its production capacity, thus strengthening the business and laying a solid foundation for consistent levels of great service. We are determined for 2017 to be the most successful yet, as we strive towards excellence.”

It follows a new MRP system implemented last year which gave Romag greater visibility on the production processes and more flexibility with its clients.