Campaign picked up by Which?

The warning issued by KJM Group to installers about the importance of protecting their business by registering their business name as a trademark has won the support of national consumer watchdog Which?

KJM Group warned that installers could be losing out to copycat advertisers who exploit their brand and local reputation online, after being targeted by a competitor business that used KJM Windows’ name in Google Ads but then linked to its own website.

Because KJM Group had not registered its name as trademark, the practice was perfectly legal. It also meant KJM could not challenge the use of its name with Google.

The warning has now been picked up by Which? and issued to its Trusted Trader network, of which KJM Group is also a member.

Which? urges fellow members to watch out for “sharp business practices” and encourages businesses to register their brands as trademarks. It warns that “registering your businesses name with Companies House, is not the same as protecting it with a trademark”.

Mark Pearce, managing director of KJM Group, said: “It’s been a very frustrating time but the positive is that we have been able to raise awareness of the importance of registering your company name as a trademark to other installers and members of the Which? Trusted Traders scheme.”

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