BWS Windows elevates production with SMR-4 welder

Trade and retail fabricator BWS Windows has purchased a new SMR-4 four-headed welder from Haffner, a machine that is marketed as the ‘fastest and most accurate’ welder on the market today.

Raj Jhall, owner of BWS Windows, said: “We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality windows and doors with competitive lead times. We needed to replace two current ageing welders and we understood the SMR-4 welder to be one of the best on the market today.”

The SMR-4 welder offers a wealth of benefits to fabricators. It is reported to be up to four times faster than conventional welders and can carry out three square welding, which equates to one extra frame per cycle.

As well as features to speed up production and reduce lead times, the SMR-4 is packed with features designed to improve product quality and cut waste. It is factory set each time and has automatic transom fences, automatic corner fences and automatic transom and mullion alignment.

The machine is already said to be having a positive impact at BWS with the Bedfordshire-based fabricator reporting an 30% increase in production output.

Raj said: “The welder’s cutting-edge technology, especially the self-profile alignment, has exceeded our expectations. We are now producing more windows and doors with less machinery. It’s a very impressive machine.”

Raj continued: “The accuracy and speed of the SMR-4 has also allowed us to expand our product offer to include the manufacture of patio and flush doors. And due to the machine’s capabilities, we can now fabricate larger windows and doors which is already proving popular with our customers.”

Bryan Dando, commercial director at Haffner, concluded: “We want fabricators to invest in machines that help their business and work with them to make sure they make the right investment. It’s an approach that builds trust and in the case of BWS Windows, has increased its manufacturing efficiencies to meet the needs of the business.”