A business head in the cloud

First Degree Systems is taking its largest stand for three years at the FIT Show because it has so much to talk about, according to sales executive Greg Beachim.

“We have tripled our stand space because we are bringing so many new products to market,” he said.

The biggest development for the company has been the launch of ‘Cloud’ which reflects a move away from software ownership towards a rental model.

“We have bought a large number of high specification servers to meet the growing demand to ensure a resilient service,” Greg said. “Customers no longer want to host their own digital architecture. Instead, we absorb the responsibility for the software and infrastructure, and customers can log in from almost any location with a suitable browser, giving them complete flexibility.”

This has been coupled with the launch of other products, such as the second version of Fengo, which is an app with a tile-driven interface that allows users to process window and door orders from a tablet.

“It is completely user friendly, and customers can start using it without any formal training,” Greg said.

First Degree Systems is also launching a new online interface called Zandi, which will give users greater control over their business operations – again with a simple user interface.

“We’ll be discussing how software like Fengo and Zandi can have a massive impact on the way businesses operate,” Greg said. “Cloud is leading the way in how people expect to use their devices and associated software. Gone are the days when you had to buy software outright, which came with the added responsibility of hosting and licensing the software, servicing the servers, and employing IT staff.

“For many businesses, IT is something that sits in the corner and growls at them. Therefore, we decided to make it simple by renting it out at a greatly reduced figure and taking on the responsibility for all the hardware and software updates.”

Greg’s belief is that IT in the business world should reflect users’ experience in their private lives, which is often via easy-to-use apps that need little or no training.

“This is the nature of the beast,” he said. “Most people want to turn on the app and start using it.

“Once people see the advantages of Fengo and Zandi, they will be impressed by what can be achieved. And we want to now grow from the success of last year’s FIT Show.”

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