Burglary attempt foiled

At the back end of March, TruFrame customer Spire Glass, e-mailed to say that a combination of TruFrame’s manufacturing quality, combined with choice of hardware partner, Yale, helped avert a burglary.

There were numerous attempts to prise the sashes open on a window combination at a house located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, but thankfully with no success. It was only when the homeowner was cleaning the window boards later in the week did they realise what had happened.

The Yale lifetime warranty offered with all TruFrame windows and doors is a major selling point to consumers, especially given the fact that it has a 98% brand recognition with homeowners.

Sam Locke, operations manager at Spire Glass, said: “What could have been a potentially disastrous ending to the story, has been thwarted thanks to the quality of the TruFrame window frame and the Yale hardware. The homeowner needs a new window, but doesn’t have to consider the cost of any losses, nor the emotional distress. This is a clear message that product quality and specification has never been so important within the industry.”

David Firmager, managing director of TruFrame, said: “Every 45 seconds in the UK, there is an attempted burglary, and every 76 seconds it’s successful. So, it’s for good reason that we spend so much time on ensuring our frames are manufactured to the most exacting of tolerances and furnished with what we believe is the best hardware specification, backed up with an impressive lifetime warranty.”