BM Aluminium launches Simply Tag for fabricators

Simply Tag is a new module available in the latest version of BM Aluminium’s LogiKal software which is designed to allow fabricators to provide full traceability of their products and eliminate the need for printouts and paper documentation.

The software automatically generates a QR code from the fabrication assembly list, which is paired with a self-adhesive tag ready to be applied to the inside of the frame once it is complete. When this code is scanned, the trade customer or end user can instantly access all the information they need about that product – from the CE/UKCA mark and the U-Value certificate to the size and specification, including the glass, finish and hardware.

It enables fabricators to meet their obligations in terms of showing compliance with standards and helps installers and end users with any questions they might have about maintenance, repair or replacement at any point in that frame’s lifecycle.

Simon Crilley, BM Aluminium’s product manager says Simply Tag is a smart way to embed any amount of information about a window, door, screen or curtain walling installation in a sustainable digital format: “It’s all about reducing paperwork and giving fabricators a nice USP to offer to their customers. They can add as much information as they like, including product datasheets, warranties and cleaning tips, as well as all the standard documentation.

“A simple scan of the QR codes provides direct access to the documentation required for any customer query – from maintenance and cleaning all the way to reporting a service call request if any product failure has taken place. The end user can scan the QR code, take an image on their mobile, attach that to the service report and type a message which is sent direct to the installer. That automatically locates the contract within LogiKal and brings up all the data held about it. Not only does it potentially reduce the need for an engineer to make an initial site visit, but it eradicates any risk of wrong or confusing information being sent, and gives installers absolute confidence in the accuracy of what they receive.

“QR codes have come surging back since the pandemic and are now regularly used on everything from reality TV voting to restaurant menus and ordering. They’ve become a routine part of everyday life, so it makes perfect sense to make them a routine part of aluminium fabrication and supply.”

The Simply Tag option is available in the new v12 of the market leading LogiKal aluminium design and processing software.

The team at BM Aluminium can provide all the help and support customers need to install the new module and start setting the agenda when it comes to providing digital support in aluminium.