Better business framework

The GGF has launched a member-wide consultation on Evolve, which is billed as “a framework for better business”.

Presented by James MacPherson, GGF’s health, safety and environment manager, Evolve is a framework of values and principles to help GGF Members become better businesses.

The federation said the long-term aim is to build a modern industry of socially responsible, sustainable, and people-centred companies using modern, organisational culture and risk and resilience solutions.

The Evolve framework was approved by the GGF health and safety and environment committees. However, a full consultation process is in place that includes: a full consultation document available for October 2021 with all the evidence and information behind the structure and values; October, November and December webinars on each value; and presentations at all GGF regional meetings for the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

“The concept of GGF Evolve is something that I have been working towards since joining the GGF,” James said. “Until the last few months, I never quite knew what it would end up looking like or being called, but I knew that when it comes to managing our operational risks and cultures that we – companies, individuals and the industry – need to evolve.

“Being the industry’s main trade organisation, the GGF represents the whole supply chain and therefore is in a unique position to take modern evidence-based approaches to risk management and resilience.”

GGF Evolve will be formally launched from January 2022.

The promotional video can be viewed here: