Best managed company

Biesse Group has won a ‘Best Managed Companies’ award for the third consecutive year.

This Deloitte initiative to support and reward Italian companies that are excellent in terms of organisational capacity, strategy, and performance is in its third year.

Deloitte rated the companies based on six pillars: strategy, skills and innovation; corporate social responsibility; corporate commitment and culture; governance and performance; measurement; and internationalisation.

“The companies receiving awards in this third edition have demonstrated not only excellence but also great ability and resilience in dealing with the crisis caused by the continuing Covid-19 pandemic,” the judges said. “We took longer than expected to evaluate the candidates to allow us to look in greater depth at how the candidates had handled the emergency.

“This 59 Best Managed Companies, therefore, reflect an Italy made up of excellence that, by leveraging its strengths and through careful management, is successfully overcoming an unprecedented period of uncertainty.”