An Italian glazing ecosystem

Satinal has announced itself to the UK market as the Italian ecosystem for safety glass manufacture.

Satinal operates in more than 60 countries, providing the market with: a wide range of EVA films for safety glass in interior and exterior projects; encapsulating films for the photovoltaic industry; and specially designed machinery.

Brands include: TK engineering and manufacturing machinery for glass processing; Strato manufacturing polymeric interlayers for glass lamination; and Satinal chemicals and machinery for glass frosting and acid-etching.

S-LAB is its in-house R&D laboratory, where new products are developed and tested. Its technical staff also provide a full global technical and consulting service.

TK specialises in the design and construction of furnaces and ovens for glass lamination, tempering, chemical tempering and heat soaking.

“Our glass ovens and glass furnaces are meant for small, medium and big-sized enterprises that need to start or increase their production capacity and improve the quality performances of their finished products,” the company said.

Strato EVA film is a thermosetting material, which creates three-dimensional bonds at a molecular level during the lamination process. The interlayer is not sensitive neither to humidity nor water. Therefore, it is not necessary to store it under controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

Being a cross-linking material, Strato can be used for laminating safety glass for both architectural and interior design applications without running the risk of de-lamination and yellowing over time.

Satinal produces bespoke frosting chemical compounds and frosting machinery for the glass industry across the globe.

“Our extensive knowledge of both glass peculiarities and glass processing technologies allowed the consolidation of our presence in foreign markets and our Made in Italy products are appreciated by professionals and companies worldwide,” the company said.

Visit, a complete platform dedicated to the safety glass industry, from the production of EVA film to machines for the glass industry, for more details.