AluFoldDirect committed to CASH

AluFoldDirect says it is ‘sending a message of confidence’ to customers entering into commercial projects with its commitment to ‘speed, size, quality and cashflow’.

Represented by the acronym CASH – Capacity, Accuracy, Speed, and Holding Stock – AluFoldDirect is highlighting the benefits of its ‘ultra-efficient’ manufacturing processes and superior quality service in the commercial sector.

According to AluFoldDirect, its 90,000ft2 factory, which houses three automated aluminium lines and £1.2 million worth of stock, ensures precise, consistent products, and rapid delivery times.

AluFoldDirect adds that it ‘understands that every minute counts’ when it comes to cashflow and commercial projects and assures customers they can expect fabricated aluminium products on-site within six weeks of placing an order.

“Cash is crucial in commercial projects, and we’re here to make sure its flowing,” explained Rhodri John, commercial director at AluFoldDirect. “CASH is not just a concept, it’s the driving force behind our commitment to ensure better cashflow, and less risk, for our customers.

“Our core pillars equate to CASH – Capacity, Accuracy, Speed and Holding stock – and this is backed by certainty of supply and powerful partnerships. We deliver commercial projects in weeks, not months, allowing our customers to keep control of costs and cashflow.”

Further strengthening the AluFoldDirect commercial offering is its Solution series of quality aluminium products. Pioneered by the A-BiFold, A-Slider and A-Window, the Solution series is available to installers at a passivhaus performance of 0.8 W/m²K U-value, a new build-ready 1.2 W/m²K U-value, and Building Regulation compliant Solution at 1.4 W/m²K U-value – meaning AluFoldDirect now offers ready-to-fit window and door systems that meet any thermal requirement, with delivery in two weeks.

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