A masterpiece for MasterTrack

York-based glass merchant and glazing contractor, Kimberlite Glass, has been a Bohle customer for over 20 years, and its latest project showcases the strong partnership it has with the hardware company to fulfil its innovative designs.

Kimberlite Glass is a staple of the York glass industry: based in the same premises since 1976, it has developed a strong reputation for high quality installations, supplying and fitting a huge range of glass including splashbacks, shower screens, mirrors, and double-glazing.

With contractual projects for schools and universities, as well as its own design and installation team under its belt, it is renowned for its ambitious results.

Its latest project is no different – a floor-to-ceiling opaque glass box with a sliding glass door was constructed to house an en-suite within a bedroom of a residential property.

“We were approached by the company that was contracted to manage the project,” said Kimberlite Glass owner and director, Ed Appleton. “It was a really impressive project that they proposed: an unused corner of a bedroom would become a top-spec en-suite, framed within a glass box.

“We did the calculations for the glass – considering the type and thickness of the glass, we worked out that each glass panel would weigh nearly 100kg. We knew with that kind of weight that we would need the highest quality hardware to support it, so we went straight to Bohle.”


“When I spoke to Helen at Bohle and told her what we were needing to achieve, she immediately recommended the MasterTrack system,” Ed explained.

MasterTrack is Bohle’s internal sliding door system. Designed to accommodate glass thicknesses between 8mm and 12.76mm and maximum weights of 150kg, it can be either be wall-mounted or ceiling hung. Capable of being installed in as little as 10-minutes thanks to an easy-to-use clamp system, it is suitable for home improvement and light commercial sectors.

MasterTrack also uses a patented hydraulics system and a double-sided spring to slow the door in a single, ultra-smooth operation.

“The glass was so heavy that we needed to reinforce the ceiling to support the weight, but with the MasterTrack system, the doors opened effortlessly – you’d never know that you were sliding nearly 100kg of weight!,” Ed said.

“It was simply the best system for the job. It enhanced the style of the project, it had the correct weight-bearing credentials, and it is simply a high-end, quality product. We know once we’ve installed a MasterTrack system, or any Bohle hardware for that matter, that we won’t be getting callbacks for faulty door closures: this is obviously vital to us as we don’t want to be spending time and money back on site replacing sub-standard parts.”

For Kimberlite Glass, its relationship with Bohle shows no signs of slowing.

“I’ve been the director of Kimberlite Glass for 20 years, and in that time, we’ve always used Bohle products. I know my predecessor before me also used their hardware too.

“For us, it’s all about quality. We have a reputation to uphold, and we know that by using Bohle, we won’t get caught out on quality. You can’t go wrong with German engineering.

“And they offer everything glass-related you could possibly need, for hundreds of different projects. We know that whatever the challenge, we can go to Bohle and they will be able to offer us an honest solution.

“The staff are so friendly and helpful, and they actually care that they’re giving us the correct products for the job – it’s not just a tick box exercise for them.”