A love-in for the network

Conservatory Outlet celebrated its sixth annual gala dinner in The Eiffel Tower.

With an exclusive invitation, the owners and directors of the Conservatory Outlet Network of retail partners, as well as their spouses and partners, were treated to priority entry to the tower, then greeted with the stunning private views from The Gustave Eiffel Salon.

Guests were thanked for traveling to the city for this year’s event, and a special mention given to those who had achieved over 95% recommendation rate on the Conservatory Outlet online review centre. New members were welcomed and long-standing memberships celebrated.

Conservatory Outlet Group CEO Greg Kane went on to brief the network guests on a number of projects in the pipeline for the coming year and congratulated the successes of recent projects, including the launch of a full suite of new brochures and new additions to the network’s product portfolio, The Extreme Collection.

Conservatory Outlet managing director, Michael Giscombe, said: “The city of love has certainly lived up to its reputation for this year’s Conservatory Outlet gala dinner. It’s our business model that allows us to be able to meet like this – without conflict of interest. For us and our guests, it’s not just a networking event, it really does feel like a family reunion.”