Transom groover update solves foil issue

Jade Engineering has updated its TG300 transom groover after learning of a production issue when processing foiled frames.

Frames that are foiled externally and white internally have caused a problem in production as most machines – including the Jade TG300 – will automatically groove both sides of the profiles simultaneously.

On single sided foiled frames this causes a minor but irritating delay in the process as the foiled surface should not be grooved, meaning that grooving needs to be carried out manually.

Jade responded by adding a facility to the TG300 to enable each pair of knives to be operated independently, allowing the top or bottom knives to be turned on or off according to production needs.

“This is a small but significant change that ensures that the TG300 transom groover continues to be the leading machine of its type, after being in service for more than 30 years,” said Jade Engineering director, Sean Mackey.