GGF & FENSA launch industry jobs board

Chris Beedel
Chris Beedel

The Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) and FENSA have launched a new dedicated industry jobs board that will sit on both organisation’s websites and actively match those searching for work, with businesses looking for new talent.

Chris Beedel, head of advocacy & stakeholder relations at the GGF, said: “We understand from our members that it can be incredibly difficult to find the right people to fill vacancies in a business, but at the same time there are plenty of people looking for work, unable to find the right position for them.

“That is why we have created a dedicated jobs board that can help to marry the two. It has been designed to suit both employers and employees with applicants able to create profiles on the system to make introductions between potential employers and employees even easier.”

Lis Clarke, operations director at FENSA, added: “Sitting on both the GGF and FENSA websites for easy access, we believe this is the only jobs board of its kind in the industry with the functionality to add skill and qualification requirements on jobs and employee profiles so that users can automatically see when there is a match.

“Notifications can be sent to those posting a job when applications are made, and to those looking for work when suitable jobs are posted, to make the entire process as easy and as proactive as possible. Users will also be able to see new training courses that are available to further their careers.”

Chris continued: “Members of both the GGF and FENSA can post jobs to the site free of charge. Non-members can also post jobs to the site for a fee, but it would work out cheaper to join the GGF. Plus, those businesses would then have full access to all the other benefits the GGF has to offer such as recycling schemes, pulse testing, and our Skilled Pathways Training scheme.

“The market, unfortunately, remains in a period of instability with continued uncertainty in the wider economic and political context,” concluded Chris, “so it is even more important for businesses to have the skillset they need to survive and succeed.

“Likewise with the cost-of-living crisis still looming, the more people we can help to find work, the better. The GGF and FENSA are proud to offer a solution that will hopefully bring these two communities together for the good of the industry.”