Emmegi launches next gen Quadra CNC

+Quadra is the next generation of Emmegi’s 20-axis modular Quadra CNC, which can cut, drill and machine all in one single operation.

Designed to deliver even more volume, greater capacity and faster speeds, it represents a significant leap from the L0, L1, L2 and L3 versions of the original Quadra, which – according to Emmegi – have long set the standard for precision engineering in aluminium and are installed at many of the UK’s leading fabricators.

Emmegi states that the new +Quadra, with its 360° rotary based milling, drilling and tapping on four faces of the profile and 360° rotary cutting blade does everything that the original Quadra can do – and more.

As previously, there are four high frequency electro spindles for +Quadra L0 and six and eight for +Quadra L1 and +Quadra L2, all housed within a soundproofed cabin. Amongst the most eye-catching new features though are dynamic counterblocks which can be programmed to recognise the profiles being selected and automatically adjust and set the vices without the need to set up individual counterblocks each time.

There is also a new head and tail end milling module and cutter unit with variable rotation speed up to 8,000rpm and an automatic labelling module which can position the label on three sides of the profile.

In terms of volume and capacity, there are new additions to the loading and bar feed system which allow for extended unmanned cycles. This includes a profile lifting system which picks up the profile and automatically transfers it to the operating section, and the option of a high capacity belt loading magazine which can accommodate upwards of eight profiles at a time.

There is also a high capacity unloading magazine which automatically aligns all the machined pieces from one section before they are transferred to the unloading belt and, with 4m, 7.5m or 9m options, allows the entire volume of profiles from the loading magazine to accumulate without any operator intervention.

Ian Latimer, Emmegi (UK)’s managing director, commented: “Like the original Quadra, the key benefit of +Quadra for fabricators is the fact that it does the work of a team of operators. That’s where the real payback comes in, as well as in the precision and accuracy it achieves on cuts and preps which mean there’s never any need for reloading or repositioning.

“The new +Quadra machine is available now as a modular offering with a number of pre-packaged options which we think make it easy and cost effective for fabricators to choose the features which matter most to them. They can still choose from a long list of individual options though if they want something even more bespoke and we can provide all the help and advice they need.”

All the details of the new +Quadra are at: bit.ly/4amIxtJ and there is a video showing the machine in action at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-Y5UkNMbKQ