DoorCo launches stable door

DoorCo has launched a stable door range, available in both of their Original and Gripcore brands, in response to customer demand.

Technical and sales manager, Ian Glenister, said: “Stable doors are a popular customer ask, but as with everything we do at DoorCo, we wanted to supply a product that is fit for purpose and exceeds the quality of any other products available on the market.

“The key with stable doors is to ensure the best possible stability and finish. The traditional method of creating stable doors in the industry is to cut a standard foam filled slab in half, remove the foam and back fill with timber. This can cause instability and for DoorCo, this just isn’t good enough,” he explained.

“We have therefore re-innovated the composition of our standard Original slab specifically to create the best possible stable doors.

“Our Original stable door slabs are pre-fitted with an internal PVC rail which is carved through during prepping to create the split design. This not only makes prepping a quicker and easier process but also ensures the stability of the finished door.

“The new stable door range is also available in the Gripcore slab,” he continued. “The HDF plywood element of the newly-engineered hybrid core, which now contains both foam and timber, provides enough rigidity to create a stable door from the regular slab, meaning no additional innovation has been required to include the Gripcore upgrade in the collection.

“When it comes to design, we’ve focused on offering the classic country feel that stable doors are known and loved for. The new range has an initial six designs available, all made from our farmhouse slab. As well as the farmhouse solid, both Original and Gripcore stable doors are available in Belfry, Sunningdale, Merion, Merion Grid and Pevero designs. All of these door styles have the same glass units available as the regular door designs.”

Ian added: “We collaborated with both Winkhaus and Stormguard to finalise our stable door design. All of our stable doors come with a Winkhaus stable door locking kit and a Stormguard weather bar kit to help complete these door sets.

“Working with these key suppliers has simplified the offering for fabricators. Not only do they have a door slab that has been specifically designed for its purpose, a collection that has been hand-picked to suit, but they also have pre-selected components that deliver the best possible performance.

“Stable doors can also be prepped by DoorCo to reduce the workload for fabricators even further. It is our priority as a supplier to offer a prepping service that does as much of the work as possible for our fabricators by being able to prep the slabs, paint, glaze and provide the weather bar and locking kits too.”