Dekko trains 6S Area Champions

Dekko Window Systems has announced that nine of its employees have become 6S Area Champions.

These individuals have undergone extensive training in the 6S method, a workplace improvement process that is designed to help maintain a productive and safe environment.

The 6S method focuses on taking ownership of workspaces and implementing small, continuous improvements that add up to significant changes.

The six steps of the method include Seiri (sort), Seiton (set in order), Seiso (shine), Seiketsu (standardise), Shitsuke (sustain), and Safety, with the process involving decluttering work areas by removing unnecessary items, organising everything for easy access and efficiency, regularly cleaning and maintaining workspaces, establishing consistent practices and procedures for smooth operation, making continuous improvement a habit by constantly evolving processes, and identifying and addressing hazards to create a secure work environment.

Sales director, Kurt Greatrex, commented: “By creating 6S Area Champions within the company, Dekko is empowering our team members to drive positive change. These experienced individuals will act as ambassadors for the programme, providing guidance, support, and motivation to their colleagues.

“Our commitment to building a better workplace is exemplified through a dedicated team of 6S Champions who are driving positive change across the organisation, and I believe that these efforts will go on to enhance customer service to our valued customers.”

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