Business Pilot unveils new updates at FIT Show

Business Pilot demonstrated its CRM software, designed to meet the changing demands of window installation companies at FIT Show this week.

“We’ve had a busy three days at the FIT Show, listening to businesses discuss the challenges they face and demonstrating how a CRM system like Business Pilot can overcome them,” Business Pilot’s managing director, Elton Boocock, said. “We also explained how we can integrate all the services they use with one interface, so they constantly have an overview of their operations.

“The feedback we’ve had for this has been extremely positive, and our customers told us how they appreciate the regular updates we provide so we remain relevant to their needs.”

This year, Business Pilot unveiled the latest software updates, including a function for multi-site businesses and multi-company groups.

“Many companies have more than one branch, with each operating as a separate business function,” Elton said. “Business Pilot now allows users to have access to the operations of all sites, or just a specific one – depending on the permissions given.”

Similarly, a manager of a group of companies can study the profit and loss of each subsidiary business with a single log-in, while managers of each company will only have access to their own operations. This creates an extra level of control, giving business leaders an up-to-date view of the health of the group, and the ability to find immediate efficiencies, if required.

“No matter the size of your business, Business Pilot can be tailored to your needs,” Elton said.

This year, Business Pilot worked closely with Certass to demonstrate how the right CRM system can help installation companies stay one step ahead of the changing regulations.

“The FIT Show wasn’t just about Business Pilot telling us what we could do for our customers,” Elton said. “We also wanted to start a conversation with window companies about what they require from a CRM system.

“Business Pilot was originally created to meet a need that our co-founders felt wasn’t being met from current providers. As a result, we want our customers to tell us what they need, and what developments would help them.

“It is a result of conversations like these that the latest updates were developed, and more will be unveiled later in the year.

“All in all, we had a great FIT Show, and we are going to have a busy few weeks following up on the leads that were generated.”