Building the BP Community at Glass Conference

Elton Boocock
Elton Boocock

Business Pilot’s MD Elton Boocock explains why he was the first to pick up the phone when the FIT Show, FENSA and GGF announced their new Glass Conference in October.

I had barely touched down back in the UK after visiting the Fensterbau exhibition in Nuremburg when news broke of the new Glass Conference organised by some of the industry’s leading organisations – FIT Show, GGF and FENSA.

I knew that Business Pilot needed to be involved, and within half a day of the announcement we had agreed to a top sponsorship spot – sometimes you must act on instinct.

We already know that conferences are ideal places to discuss challenges facing the industry, discover new opportunities, and network with key players across the sector. The trade press were also very quick to get behind the Glass Conference, a move that often precedes successful events.

Most importantly for us, Glass Conference will – via FENSA – appeal to installers, who are the people who use Business Pilot. The agenda at Glass Conference will offer advice and information that will benefit them.

We already partner with FENSA and our API allows installers to register their installations from within Business Pilot in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks. There is no need to re-enter any details, which reduces errors, saves time, improves profitability, and does wonders for customer relations.

Our Innovation roundtables in conjunction with VBH GB are another great example of getting key players together to advance the industry.

As a result of initiatives like these, we have a growing group of installers who share ideas and best practice with each other – we call it the BP Community. Glass Conference fits very comfortably with our brand, and we know that our association will also benefit the event and its organisers.

Our relationship with the FIT Show is a hallowed one. We launched Business Pilot at the exhibition in 2019 and have benchmarked our success alongside each iteration ever since. Supporting their conference is quite simply for us, a no brainer.

Business Pilot is an active supporter of industry events, especially those that bring people together to network and offer new opportunities. Glass Conference promises to offer a unique mix of networking, professionalism, and education that fills our criteria and more! We can’t wait to see everyone at Telford in October.